Why We’re Different


Many years ago, when we were new, we asked our clients if anyone in their family had any health issues. Now our question is “What health issues do you and your family members have?” It seems to us that just about everyone has at least one.

There are many chemicals in our daily lives that are harmful to human health. Most of the ones we encounter are difficult or impossible to control. Those are the ones present in our workplaces, schools, stores, and even in our own backyards. We can, however, control our homes’ interior environments. More and more, our homes need to be our safe havens; away from the toxins and stresses present in our outside worlds.

To be “green” has become very popular. We’re very pleased about that. Our planet is in need of our help. We feel that we can no longer go on doing things the way we have in the past and expect it to survive.

We research products extensively in order to bring you the greenest and healthiest products available to place inside your home. Not all green products are healthy and some are healthier than others. A green product means that it is a better choice for the environment, not necessarily better for human health. We are able to offer exceptional choices to you while helping you make your purchasing decisions.

There are countless ways to improve the level of wellness in our homes. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with you while we help you build, remodel and furnish the space in which you live.